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Willkommen auf meiner Homepage! Dies ist hauptsächlich meine private Homepage, mit einem Bereich, der nur für Freunde bestimmt ist. Du findest aber auch alles über mein größtes Projekt, die Thunderbird-Extention ThunderBirthDay, sowie gelegentlich einen Artikel über etwas Interessantes, über das ich gestolpert bin. Um Zugang zu den geschützten Bereichen zu bekommen, musst du dich anmelden und ich dich freischalten. Wenn du zu einem Artikel oder zu ThunderBirthDay einen Kommentar hinterlassen willst, geht das allerdings auch ohne Anmeldung!

In jedem Fall viel Spaß auf meiner Seite!

Start desktop applications automatically as background jobs from bash

Are you working with the linux command line frequently? Are you tired of typing > /dev/null & every time you want to start a desktop application? Well, I have a small snippet of bash that solves this problem!

ThunderBirthDay 0.5.0 released [updated]

Yesterday, I submitted a new version of ThunderBirthDay to http://addons.mozilla.org, as promised recently. Its only change is that it now supports Thunderbird 5. It now usually takes a couple of weeks to get the new version approved, but you can already download it here:


If you experience any problems, or just want to let me know that it works, please drop a line here. Thank you!


ThunderBirthDay for Thunderbird 5 under development

Yesterday, both Thundbird 5 and a compatible version of Lightning (Lightning 1.0b4) were released. Unfortunately, no compatible version of ThunderBirthDay is available, however it is currently under development and will be released as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot for your patience!

ingomueller.net now runs Drupal 6

I just finished a major upgrade of the content management system of my website, Drupal. Besides being up-to-date with bug fixes, the new version and its extensions have a set of exciting new features. For example, quite a few Single Sign On services are supported now, so you can log in with Facebook or Google.

Now sign into ingomueller.net with Facebook, Google, and more!

OpenID logo

I am currently migrating my website from Drupal 5 to 6. This opens the door for a few exciting new features. A very sweet one is the integration of different Singe Sign On services. This means that you can log in with a single click using other websites like Facebook, Google, Blogger, WordPress, AOL, Yahoo or one of the many other OpenID providers. Here is how it works.

ThunderBirthDay is compatible with Thundbird 3.1

ThunderBirthDay is marked as compatible with Thunderbird 3.1 since the release of the latter. This information is made available through the Mozilla Update System. Every time Thunderbird starts, it retrieves compatibility information from this system. If ThunderBirthDay should be disabled on your machine, saying that it is not compatible with your version of Thunderbird, just restart Thunderbird while you're connected to the internet. After the restart, ThunderBirthDay should be enabled again and working fine. If not so, please drop a comment below. You can read more about Mozillas Compatibility Updates here.

ingomueller.net is back online!

As some of you may have noticed, I had a problem with my web server for about the last month. I luckily found a backup from February this year, but unfortunately, everything after that is lost. This includes a couple of entries of my private blog, but also one article about ThunderBirthDay. If someone finds one of them in his cache, PLEASE send it to me. I'm hoping for your understanding for the inconvenience and wish you lots of fun with the future articles that are about to come!

ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3 - count down for Thunderbird 3!

Thunderbird 3.0b4 with ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3

Today, I released ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3! It is already the third version compatible with the upcoming Thunderbird 3, but it is uncompatible with prior versions of Thunderbird. Therefore, the new versions are retained in the sandbox until now. It works already greatly, you can download it and try it out!

Protecting a comma in a C/C++ macro parameter

I just spent a couple of hours to find a way to "protect" commas in C/C++ preprocessor parameters. Consider the following example:

  1. #define ID(x) x
  2. //...
  3. printf("%s %s!\n", ID("hello", "world"));

This will not work. My compiler will say:

  1. c:\test.cpp(7) : warning C4002: too many actual parameters for macro 'ID'

The problem is that the comma between "hello" and "world" is interpreted as argument seperator of the ID macro (which makes the two being two arguments), although we want it to be part of one single argument. There's no way known to me to protect the comma (like protecting quotes with a backslash in C). Still, there's a workaround.

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