ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3 - count down for Thunderbird 3!

Thunderbird 3.0b4 with ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3

Today, I released ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3! It is already the third version compatible with the upcoming Thunderbird 3, but it is uncompatible with prior versions of Thunderbird. Therefore, the new versions are retained in the sandbox until now. It works already greatly, you can download it and try it out!

As Thunderbird 3 and Lightning 1.0 will be hopefully released very soon (see here and here for pre-releases), let me say how much I'm looking forward to this! Among many cool new features like tabbed email, there is finally native support for birthdays in the address book. This means that MoreFunctionsForAddressBook is not needed anymore, but also that their might be other cool extensions related to birhtdays :-)

Last but not least, an important note: There seems to be an issue with MoreFunctionsForAddressBook and upgrade to Thunderbird 3. The issue is being tracked here. Before making an upgrade to Thunderbird 3, please backup your Thunderbird profile! To learn how to do that, click here.

Now count down with me for Thunderbird 3 and enjoy the pre-releases :-)

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Make it possible to use something other than display name?

I love this plugin! My only minor complaint is that it uses the display name field. I have this calendar attached to an address book for my students; the student's name is in First/Last but the parent's name is the Display field since that is who gets the emails. When the birthdays show up in my calendar, they have the parent's name instead of the student's name. Other than that, it's fantastic!

On the wishlist

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment. It would indeed be great if the title of an event could be changed. I added this idea to the wishlist a while ago and may add it when I have time. Cheers, Ingo

feature wishes


thanks for your great add-on. I have two feature wishes for your next version.

I also would like to see reminders one day before a birthday in the next version. Additional the current version does not show birthdays in the calender when the year is not known. It would be great if you could add the birthdays that are only known by day of month.

Thanks & best regards,

Enable alerts

It would be nice if you would enable alerts for birthdays (i.e. 1 day before) otherwise your extension is a little bit useless

why limit to bithdays?

I'd like to see another date function added to contacts for 'schedule meeting', then an addon like yours which automatically subscribes to those meetings so they will automatically appear in the calendar...

thats the ticket

Lightning enhancement

Sounds like a good idea :-) I think you should propose that on the official Lightning bug tracker, at it is a general enhancement for Lightning...


I started off with Thunderbird 3 and lightning. Then I added Thunderbirthday and everything was fine.... but.... then I tried to add MoreFunctionsForAddressBook, but it wouldn't install. So I removed it and tried something else...., but I couldn't remove ThunderBirthDay till I rebooted. Then I could install MoreFuntionsForAddressBook, and finally reinstall ThunderBirthDay. Now it is all working and I would love to see


Thanks for your feedback!

I'm sorry, I don't know why it didn't work right from the start. I'm glad that it's working now :-) BTW, you don't need MoreFunctionsFromAddressBook anymore with Thunderbird 3! Also, thanks for the suggestion with anniversaries. It is indeed on the wishlist.

Not working?

i recently installed tb 3.0.1 and lightning 1.0Beta1. Additionally i did install the birthday addon. But somehow i do not get any birthdays shown in the calendar.

did i do something wrong?

Did you create a birthday calendar?

You didn't mention, that you created a birthday calendar. Did you forget that step? If yes, creating one should solve your problem. Read this for more information.

If that wasn't your problem, please look for errors in the error console. Also, make sure that you use version 0.3.3 or above with Thunderbird 3!



sorry. I somehow missed this point. I guess you get somehow get pi*** with users like me not able to read properly ;-)


Good Job

Well done. I appreciate having this add-on.

Many Thanks!

I've been using thunderbirthday since quite some time, and i'm happy that i could reactivate it for TB3 now! Hopefully, your work will be integrated one day for everybody (of course, after LIghtning has been integrated)!


ThunderBirthDay 0.3.3

Thank you for your work.


I just want to say THANK YOU for your work. I really do appriciate this addon for TB!
Groemitz / Germany