is back online!

As some of you may have noticed, I had a problem with my web server for about the last month. I luckily found a backup from February this year, but unfortunately, everything after that is lost. This includes a couple of entries of my private blog, but also one article about ThunderBirthDay. If someone finds one of them in his cache, PLEASE send it to me. I'm hoping for your understanding for the inconvenience and wish you lots of fun with the future articles that are about to come!


Upgrade to TB 3.1.7 for Thunderbirthday?

Sorry to hear about your hosting problems.

I was wondering if ThunderBirthDay was going to support TB 3.1.7?
I have this version now and can no longer use your very good add-on.

Should be working

Hey! Thanks for your comment. ThunderBirthDay should be working. Please try to restart Thunderbird. The thing is that Thunderbird has to look up compatability information on the internet before ThunderBirthDay works. Usually after a restart, this should be done... If not, please tell me!